Focus: Increase Revenue with Marketing

We're just getting started.

As we've started to establish our new branding and messaging in the community, this segment of the marketing plan will be focused on increasing sales and optimizing our revenue channels. We will begin internally by partnering hand-in-hand with our sales initiatives and we will use this teamwork to drive sales externally through partnerships, B2B, and D2C relationships.





Expand company footprint globally by initiating ad and email campaigns.


Gather 15 testimonials referencing positive experience with Visibly.




Generate 10,000 sales leads by the end of 2020 through implementing a sales funnel.

Grow thought leadership by curating 3 content pieces from experts in our partner network. 


Grow and Nurture Our Network

  • Engage customers and partners by creating user-generated content tying back to their experience with Visibly

  • Offer unique and exclusive ways to engage with Visibly to differentiate ourselves

    • ​Trials - opportunity to test out new vision test features before they come to the market​ to provide feedback

Additional Lead Generation Initiatives

  • Research the potential of utilizing a rewards program to encourage brand loyalty 

  • Add additional lead-generating content to strategy

    • Contests through social media

      • Example: "Post a photo wearing your Visibly sunglasses ​for a chance to win a year of free contacts."

    • Email campaigns and regular newsletters

    • Virtual events and webinars

Showcase Ourselves to Customers

  • Educate customers on offerings and upcoming product releases

  • Provide unique opportunities to engage with Visibly

  • Showcase how we are giving back to the community

    • BLACKLIVESMATTER campaign​

    • PRIDE50 campaign

Expand Optimization and Ads Efforts

  • Expand ads strategy on B2B-focused platforms with very specific and targeted audiences

    • LinkedIn ad campaign targeted toward Ophthalmologists aged of 25 - 55 living in major cities around the world

  • Utilize testimonials and success stories in social media campaigns targeted toward major cities in Europe (then expand to other countries after reviewing ROI)

Measure Marketing Tactics

  • Measure the effectiveness of messaging across social media channels and determine which channels are most beneficial to our sales funnel

  • Utilizing our CRM, analyze the impact of landing pages and updated website content, and make changes where necessary 

  • Identify new KPIs and goals for product once we have FDA approval

Implement New Website Design

  • Map out wireframes and content plan for launching new website reflective of our brand

    • Updated branding and easier use

    • Specific user journeys mapped out to ensure UX is effective for driving sales

    • Incorporation of content that provides additional credibility

      • Resources and User-Generated Content

      • Press and Articles