Focus: Build a Community

Spread the word.

The success of Visibly will be growing and establishing a trusted community who experiences and understands the necessity our products. As we've begun re-establishing our brand in the marketplace, this phase will be focus on retaining our customers through additional engagement initiatives and cultivating a community that considers Visibly a necessity in their lifestyle.


Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 2.52.46 PM.png

Increase the number of customers taking acuity eye exams through by 10%. 




Acquire 5,000 new customers through purchasing contact lens by the end of the year.



Partner with at least 1 external contact (blogger, doctor, etc.) to publish co-branded content.



Create B2B onboarding content for new users and get feedback from 3 external partners.


Expand Marketing Footprint

  • Identify key marketing hires (full time and third party) to effectively scale and grow efforts

    • SEO/SEM Specialist, Graphic Designer, Video Creator and Editor

  • Connect with Public Relations Specialist ​and strategically expand brand messages within the industry

  • ​Connect with influencers, corporate partners and evangelists to spread word of Visibly

Produce Organic Content

  • Create a launch campaign announcing expansion into contact lens market

  • Implement email marketing campaigns based off of existing customer data​​

    • Examples:

      • Reminder to renew prescription​

      • Inside look showing the ease our vision test

      • How to take advantage of telehealth

Create Collateral and Brand Materials

Grow through Optimization and Ads

  • Implement advanced SEO and Google Adwords strategy with third party agency

  • Initiate social media ads to increase engagement and awareness

Measure Marketing Tactics

  • Utilize software to review the growth of social media accounts and effectiveness of published content​

  • Measure the effectiveness of CTAs on website to take vision exam through social media messaging and email marketing

    • Analyze website bounce rates and particular pages that are seeing drop-offs​

  • Review partners' websites/portals and analyze how Visibly tests are presented

Continue to Update Website

  • Implement new content to our website to be seen as a trusted and reliable resource​