Focus: Increase Brand Recognition

Let's hit the ground running.

A consistent theme that was conveyed in each of my conversations over the past few weeks is that Visibly is lacking brand awareness. During my first 30 days, I will begin initiating a number of tactics that will continuously evolve and expand to begin, and continue, increasing our overall brand recognition.





Increase organically created social media content by 30%. 


Design and implement at least 2 branded social media templates into editorial calendar.




Create a landing page and social media content explaining how Visibly helps during COVID.


Increase B2B audience on LinkedIn by



Identify Our Ideal Brand Voice

  • Storyboard as a team to define everything our brand likes and dislikes as well as whom we want Visibly to be

  • Humanize our brand through content and branding to build relationships versus transactions​

  • Implement customer service and general response strategy so our voice is consistent

Produce Organic Content

  • Establish and implement an editorial calendar to stay consistent and maximize engagement

  • Create and publish branded content across social media channels establishing our brand's voice in the market

  • ​Share externally curated content to begin passively building relationships within our network

Implement Marketing Budget

  • Allocate marketing budget dollars to support the growth of the business

    • SEO and paid advertising​

    • CRM/metric-tracking software

    • Website redesign

    • Email marketing

    • Lead conversion and nurturing

    • Advertising

    • Marketing hires (full time and third party agency)

Optimize Social and Web Pages

  • Add appropriate links, relevant keywords, business information, and hashtags to social accounts to attract more followers

  • Implement SEO to increase brand exposure​

Measure Marketing Tactics

  • Identify KPIs aligned with overarching goals and tactics to begin tracking marketing ROI

  • Implement software that will allow us to effectively track A/B testing, link clicks, website traffic, and social media analytics

Restructure Existing Website