This whimsical, floral jewelry dish is the perfect place for your beautiful jewelry to live when you're not wearing them! Deep but bright yellow flowers with blue leafs and accents are guaranteed to always brighten your day. Being one-of-a-kind, these designs are exclusive to taylor'd creations! 


The jewelry dish is round and will measure 5 inches in diameter. Please note: the dishes will ship separately from the earrings and due to the nature of the creation process, expedited creation is not available. Jewelry dishes can expect to ship beginning April 26.


This piece is created by guest artist Anne Stolz, a ceramic artist since 2014. She more recently found her bright, happy flare through the last year of working from home! Each piece is thrown on a pottery wheel, trimmed and painted by Anne! They are made with tons of love and happiness. "I hope you enjoy!" - Anne 


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Jewelry Dish | Collaboration with Annie Stolz