Office Revolution

Full Time Job

For twenty years, Office Revolution has provided unlimited furniture possibilities, unwavering service, and unrivaled client experience. Their strength lies in the ability to provide extensive value-added services totaling a complete package to meet all their our customer’s requirements.


role: Manager, Marketing and Branding

McDonald's Headquarters

photo credit: Office Revolution

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Whether we're opening a new office or announcing an award we recently have won, I manage the internal and external communication process to ensure our message is distributed effectively. 

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Public Relations

Extensive Growth

After being promoted after 6 months of employment, I started building out a team to manage the company's marketing. I also oversee and manage a ~$750,000 annual marketing budget.

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photo credit: Office Revolution

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Relationship Management

Overseeing our company's sponsorships and relationships with vendors and partners has led to successful marketing campaigns and additional brand awareness.

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130% Growth

on each of our social media channels after implementing an effective and comprehensive social media and communication strategy

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$25,000 donated to charity

$0 spent by Office Revolution

photo from Office Revolution's annual bags tournament



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