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Denise Carr Real Estate

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Denise Carr is a real estate agent that delivers high-end services throughout the South Bay in California. With over 20 years of experience, combined with 15 years of Fortune 500 consultative experience, Denise is a real estate agent known for her extensive portfolio of successes.

services: e-mail marketing, website development, brand enhancement, social media

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A reimagined e-mail marketing strategy caught the eye of potential buyers while still providing informative, effective information. 

E-Mail Marketing

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Video Content

By promoting listings with video, we grabbed the attention of more people and allowed them to see behind-the-scenes footage of houses on the market.

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Website Development

Starting to utilize the website as a hub of information drove user engagement. With the integration of both business (house listings) and pleasure (upcoming events and relevant news), we saw an increase in traffic and growth.

Brand Enhancement

Personal and professional brand development is essential for success in the real estate market. We established cohesive branding that was built on the foundation of relationships rather than transactions.

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photo credit: Denise Carr Real Estate

Image by Irina Murza