Congressional Seafood Co.

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Congressional Seafood Co. is a full-line seafood processor and distributor specializing in restaurants, caterers, country clubs, and high-end retailers. Located in Jessup, Maryland, they offer a wide variety of seafood, including oysters, salmon, scallops, mussels, lobsters, and more.

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An updated look and feel of the newsletters and e-mail content provided us with additional ways to effectively communicate with our audience.

Noteworthy Newsletters

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12 Newsletters Published

comprised of 15 pages of content ranging from current news, upcoming events, recipes, company specials, and ad placements.

Content Creation

A concrete content strategy with enhanced graphics was implemented to create cohesive messaging across communication channels.

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Engaging Experiences

Through email marketing and social media, we launched our "#fishporn" campaign. Participants used this hashtag on photos of delicious looking meals, and the best photos would be featured in a calendar we created for customers.

With this being a newer campaign, we were impressed by the number of submissions received in response to our marketing efforts.

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