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Owned and operated by Henderson Lafond, the mission of Bella-B is to

help entrepreneurs dream, design, and evolve their idea, brand, or business through affordable design and consulting services.

services: e-commerce enhancement, SEO and Google Adwords, brand creation, product development

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Restructuring the e-commerce site with offerings that appeal to the clientele was very effective for the business. The addition of SEO-friendly terminology also allowed the business to reach a larger audience. 

E-Commerce Enhancement

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SEO and Google Adwords

We improved the searchability of Bella-B by enhancing the SEO throughout the website, ultimately increasing traffic to the home site

and traffic to the e-commerce site.

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Brand Creation

As our partnership grew, Henderson allowed me to start working directly with her clients to help them with everything from creating their logo to building their website.

Product Development

A diversified menu of services allowed us to reach additional audiences. After researching the types of products that fit into our target market, I developed new products to expand our offerings.

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